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Frequently Asked Questions

History not working?

From the time you first registered with Getmapped/at we try to synchronize your older check-ins, bear with us and try again later.

Can I haz more map styles please?

We're considering implementing more if you do provide us your creation, which you can do with the Styled Maps Wizard.

Send your new definition, including a name, to

What about more sizes?

You're free to implement the embeddable with any size you want. The pre-defined sizes that come with the service are just for ease of use.

What's this link for?

We assume you're talking about your personal link to share?! Keep in mind, Getmapped/at was basically created for you to share your whereabouts with your loved ones. So sharing the map you've created, that's what that link's for.

Found a bug!

Ah, great catch. Please let us know about what you've encountered at

Explain if and how you can reproduce the issue. And if possible please send a screenshot.

Why does the service only provide foursquare?

Well, we think foursquare is a rather popular service when it comes to checking in. Also foursquare provides the neat real-time API we love to use to bring you the check-ins as soon as possible. We don't know of any other service that lives up to that standard. We might consider working with others though, as we get hold of.

Where can I request new features?

The application for now is provided as is, however, if you've got some crazy neat ideas how to enhance it, please send us an email at

How can I delete my account?

Simply revoke your permission. You are free to do so in your foursquare settings at any given time.

In regular intervals we might review our cache to permanently delete user data from users with revoked permissions.

Whhooa, this thing is neat! How can I thank you?

Awesome, we love to hear that. Feel free to send us an email at

We're always happy to hear from you!