Make a map let shine
your whereabouts

Show off where you are

Checking in at your destination, you might have had the desire before to make that information more widely available.

Including to your friends not using your preferred check-in service.

Make yourself move on a map

With each check-in you document not just your location, but also your travel. A fact that rarely surfaces within check-in services.

Who doesn't love a map? Putting yourself on a map is the right way to do.

A geographical layer that has your whereabouts documented and continuously follows you around. How fun!

Use your data

Most of us have their own web property nowadays anyway. Either be it a blog or website.

With using our service we allow you to embed the content you create. Make it shine where you want.

By allowing Getmapped/at access to your Swarm account, your check-ins will be continuously mapped.

However, you can disconnect the service at any time via your foursquare settings.

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We're proud of all the trusting users, so we've created a world map with each and everyone of them.

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